Toshiba Satellite P870…Internet Explorer 9 opens by itself

Toshiba Satellite®P870I bought Toshiba Satellite®P870 laptop about 3 month ago.

I was quite happy about the performance….but there was one issue and I could not cure until yesterday.

I never use Internet Explorer 9 which is the standard for Windows 7. I am using Firefox instead….but some reason, IE9 was keep launching by itself all the time. Sometimes, every 2 minutes….or sometimes, only a few times a day…..but it was quite annoying anyway.

I could not find good way to cure and even I tried Yahoo Answer in English and Japanese….did not help me.

  • There was no virus… was happening since new and I re-formatted the OS once, but it still did not fix it.
  • I deleted Internet Explorer 9…..but it only downgraded to IE8 instead and IE8 did exactly the same thing.

Finally, I found  the problem on internet. Seems like it is related to the type of the track-pad.
You can do scroll on this track-pad like Mac and that was coursing the problem.

Control Panel_MouseGo to Control Panel –> Hardware –> Mouse–> “Device Settings” tab

In the Devices box the “Synaptics TouchPad” is highlighted.

Click the “Settings” button below it to open the Properties menu.
An index of expandable items appears on left.


Expand “Application Gestures.”
Click on “ Three-Finger Press.”
unpick  the box says “Enable Three Finger Press.”

That completely cured the problem. Maybe it was happening when 3 fingers were touching on the track-pad.

But funny thing was….there was really little information about it and even technicians I asked did not know it.

Also around me, I have seen this model sold in Future Shop….but not others and when I searched about this machine, first thing to come out was the ad. of Future Shop.

I even could not find when I went to Best Buy in San Francisco.


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