Quebec City, Canada


Quebec City is 3 hours away by bus from Montreal.
This is the oldest city in North America which is established in 1608 and registered as UNESCO world heritage site.

It had been snowing since the day before in Montreal….but bus was on time and did not have any delay.

Quebec City is the only North American city which has “defensive walls” like old European cities.


Quartier du Petit Champlan……this is known for the oldest shopping area in North America.

KICX1809 Now, we are at the top of the hill…..the biggest building is a Hotel “Château Frontenac”.


Due to the old fortification, We can see this kind of view which is like old Europe.

KICX1828Sun came out through the heavy snowy clouds. The sun created dramatic color.

KICX1926sWinter day is very short in Quebec….3PM,it started getting dark and at 4:20PM, we are already in twilight time.

The Christmas decoration was pretty in the snowy “Quartier du Petit Champlan.

High -3℃, Low -13℃… was even colder than Montreal. In this weather, I had to swap Camera battery over to worm them up regularly.

On the way back to Montreal, we were in complete dark and did not have any view from the bus.

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