Swowy day in Montreal, Canada

Snowy day in Montreal 1Montreal is quite cold during the winter.  It is much more than we get in Vancouver. After 10 hours of train trip from New York, the weather was completely different.

Snowy day in Montreal 2So, even with the heavy snow, the city life does not change a lot.

Snowy day in Montreal 3

I came to Old Montreal as usual…..it is snowing badly…..but it is the normal thing to local people. There are still quite a few tourists and horse carriages. The red blanket was creating good contrast in the snowy landscape.

Snowy day in Old Montreal

Rue Saint Paul is all covered by snow….but still it is normal.

Snowy night in MontrealIn snowy night, we get interesting lighting on photography. I did not recognize there were people at the house…..they are looking at me.

Thanks for the dry snow, I did not have any problem using camera under the heavy snow.

CONTAX Tvs Digital


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