Canon NewFD 20-35mm F3.5L

Canon New FD lens

This is Canon F-1 and my 3 favorite New FD lens I used to use all the time.

Left hand is New FD20-35mmF3.5
Canon wide zoom always had good name since 35-70mmf2.8-3.5 was introduced in 70s and in 1984, it reached to 20mm!!

Those days, 24mm was called ultra wide lens and 20mm was considered as “Special purpose lens”.

Previous 24-35mm had extremely good names and lots of professional photographers used it.

20-35mm was the upgraded version and the price was nearly $2000 about 30 years ago!!

I always wanted it…but it was too expensive.

Then, Canon shifted to EOS system and discontinued FD lens in 1996. Back then, they had 50% off sale and that was how I could buy it.


What I thought was…..using 20mm was extremely difficult. All the buildings are tilting, all the object went far away….that way, I found I had to learn how to use ultra wide lens.

Then, what I did was…..just stopped using as 20mm. When I use wide-angle, usually I like 28 or 35mm. That was how, I was using this luxurious lens as 28mm or 35mm…..what’s a waste of money…..

But, the image was way better than my New FD28mm F2.8 and also it was easier to focus.

It was really amazing thing to happen.

Canon New FD 20-35mm F3.5

I used it until I shift to digital in the end of 2005.
Now I could use this lens on my Panasonic GX1 with adapter….but 40-70mmF3.5 won’t mean too much to me….

For EF mount, they had 20-35mmF2.8, but they said the image quality was not as good as this lens.


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