Old Montreal…Montreal, Canada

Old Montreal 1

The history in Quebec is much older than Vancouver.
It is originated in 1642. Well….at least it is quite old in North America.
Another major difference is…..they are in French culture.
Old Montreal 2

Notre-Dame-de-Bonscours Chapel……Well….it is hard to  remember French name.
The old French style town is quite well preserved.|

Old Montreal 3People are more fashionable and more art work in this town.|Old Montreal 4
Buildings are French….and so as traffic signs…..It does not look like North America.

Old Montreal 5Only problem here is….all the cars on the street are Japanese and Americans.
Japanese cars never has design and so as modern Americans.
Peugeot or Citroen….those ware what we need in this town. I always think car design is a part of landscape.

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