Twilight time in New York City

Twilight time in New York City

Always twilight time is the most beautiful moment of any big cities. Also this is the most beautiful angle of New York City. There are no more World Trade Center Buildings …..

This is before the sunset… is one of the good moment….but it is not the best.

Twilight time in New York City 2
After the sunset….you will have a bit boring time….but it is too early to go home. Then, the sky turns into red…..and lights start coming on……this is the most beautiful moment.

Then, the sky will turn into black….it is the end of shooting for me.
Twilight time in New York 4

When we say night view, lots of people try to take in complete dark…..but it is not as pretty as twilight time.

twilight time in New York 3By the way, this is right after sunset. It is the most boring time….but, don’t leave!

One more thing, when you go to take this kind of view, don’t go to the tallest building….just go to the 2nd tallest no matter which city you go. Then, you will see better view.

Today, it is getting harder to use tripods in busy tourist spot. So, I always carry pocket tripods with me.

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