Brooklyn_ New York

Brooklyn_New York

On the other side of the Brooklyn bridge, it is totally different world.
New York City is busy and noisy….but there is piece & quiet here. Someone is fishing…or some people are walking.

Brooklyn_New York 2

Sometimes, boats or ships makes some noise….that is it…..
This Brooklyn bridge is known as an oldest suspension bridge in the United States.
Brooklyn_New York 3Old buildings and quieter environment. To me, it is completely the different city. Also it is not as safe as Manhattan.

Brooklyn bridgeYou can walk cross Brooklyn bridge. It is a popular walking course with New Yorkers.

Brooklyn_New York 4
Twilight time is the best time to see Skyline of New York City. Here is one of the best part to see South part of Manhattan.

Brooklyn_New York 5

Brooklyn_New York 6
It is getting a bit too dark….it is the end of photography tonight.

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