Sheep in Cornwall Park….Auckland, New Zealand

Cornwall Park_Auckland_New ZealandCornwell Park is located in Auckland, New Zealand. We can see the breathtaking panorama of Auckland city and it is also well-known for sheep.

Sheep in Cornwell ParkIt looks like middle of nowhere….but all of them were owned and this is not far from residential area.

Sheep in Cornwell Park 2There are some babies too….,

Sheep in Cornwell Park 3
Auckland weather in winter is changeable.  Clouds moved away and now we have sun.

In Auckland, we say we have 4 seasons during a day… spring has come……..

One_Tree_Hill_AucklandThis is the same day as the other photos. In the evening, we had a short summer here.

The hill is called One Tree Hill. It is in Carnwall Park. There used to be a big pine tree and that was how the name came from.

I was keep posting photos of New York……now I am a bit tired of city landscape….let’s have some rest…..

Leica Digilux 3 Olympus40-150mmF3.5-4.5


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