SoHo – Little Italy….New York City

View of SoHo_New York

SoHo stands for South of Houston Street.

It is located at Lower Manhattan, New York City.
This old part of New York CIty was developed mid 19th century. But as the city grew, the city central shifted to the north and that was how this area declined.

One stage, it was a typical skid road….but due to the cheap rent, artists started living this area in 1960s.

View of SoHo_New York 2

Caractristic Cast Iron Arctecture is everywhere in this area.

cast-iron architecture 3

There is quite big residential population in New York.  It is the biggest different from other American city.

Kids are playing at playground with concrete ground and surrounded with wire netting.

Little Italy_ New York 1

Little Italy is facing next to SoHo.

As the name says, it was known for the large population of Italian people.

Little Italy_ New York 2

There are quite a few Italian restaurants…..but size of the town is shrinking and Chinatown is expanding to this area too.

Night at SoHo_New YorkNight time at SoHo. It is quiet….but it is not dangerous anymore. You can see Chrysler Building far away. It is totally different from the Center of New York City….but it is my favorite town here.

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