Union Square….New York City

Union Square New York City

Union Square is a park facing to 14th street, which is south part of New York City.

This area is also known for New York University.

Union Square Greenmarket_New York

Union Square is famous for Farmer’s Market “Union Square Greenmarket” which is held every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Union Square Greenmarket_New York 2

It is where the local farmers comes around. It means New York is a big city, but also farming area is not that far away.

Union Square Greenmarket_New York 3

In a chilly autumn morning, hot apple cider and fresh home made muffin…..those are the best for breakfast.

Union Square Greenmarket_4


Union Square Greenmarket_New York 4

It is not only farmer’s market…..there are all kind of street stalls  the street.

View of Union Square_ New York

This area is surrounded by old gothic style buildings. It is good in clear day…but some reason, my photos look better in cloudy day….somehow…..
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