Times Square….New York City

Times Square_New York 1

Times Square is the busiest part in New York….or in the United States. Mess of people people and people…..so as Yellow cabs……

Times Square_New York 2

Starbucks or Macdonalds…..even fast food chains are having extra luxurious signs like theater or something here.

Times Square_New York 3

Times Square_New York 4

Mess of signs and billboards……but they have some kind of harmony. At least they are not ugly.

Times Square_New York 5

When I first came to NY in 80s, I could not stand this environment and missed nice & relaxed Chicago.

Times Square_New York 6

This is the most expensive place to put Ads. In 80s, there were many Japanese companies here….but not anymore….

New York City is different from any other cities in the United States….but at the same time, all the American culture is condensed in this city.

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