Normal vs High Dynamic Range by Panasonic GX1

High Dynamic Range by Panasonic GX1

Today, High Dynamic range is getting standard in Photography industry.

During film era, it was impossible to adjust exposure to everywhere. But with digital camera, they can merge several  images into one to make right exposure everywhere.

Today, lots of cameras come with Art Filter which can create special effects in camera.

I tried one called High “Dynamic Range” on Panasonic GX1.

Well……to me….it looks really fake. ISO speed went up automatically and using strong noise reduction. It is not photography anymore to me.

Normal mode by Panasonic GX1This is one with normal mode. To me, still this one looks more natural.

To use for Graphic Design or something, maybe High Dynamic will be good. But for normal use, I will still take normal one.
Panasonic GX1 PZ14-42mm


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