Sunday in North Vancouver

View from Sea bus....VancouverI spent some tine in North Vancouver which is across the bay from Vancouver.

To go there, fast ferry “Sea bus” is the easiest way. 15min. travel on the ferry.

View from Sea bus....Vancouver2Vancouver is not only touristy city…..there are lots of industrial area to like the photos show.

Haunted house......This house is always decorating the front yard. Now….it is haunted house…..

Chocorate shop in Halloween season


In this season, all the shops are different. A bit more orange…..

Edgemond Village_ North VancouverAutumn in Vancouver is very short. Leaves turns into yellow a little bit….that is it.

This shot is taken by 45-150mm lens which is equivalent to 90-300mm……but due to the small F number(F4-5.6) and small Four-thirds sensor, the depth of field is quite deep although it was 84mm (168mm on 35mm full size).

Downtown Vancouver from North VancouverThis is the night view of Vancouver looking from North Vancouver. After the long rain, the skyline is quite clear.

Panasonic GX1 14-42mm, 45-150mm


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