Digital Photo…..RAW vs JPEG

JPEG image came straight out of Camera.

JPEG image came straight out of Camera.

Vancouver night view by JPEG

This is from RAW file

When you take photography, are you taking RAW or just JPEG?

I always take Raw and JPEG together.

JPEG is type of compressed file to make file size small. When you take photo by digital camera, at first the camera take full information like RAW, then throwing away lots of information when the camera is saving files as JPEG.

But as long as you take RAW, you are getting all the information the camera can take at the moment.

This means it is much more adjustable when you do correction. Tell the truth, none of photos are good without any correction.

With the top 2 images, Raw file has more detail on the clouds. That kind of information is deleted from JPEG and that is how the file size is smaller.

100% crop from JPEG

100% crop from Raw File

100% crop from RAW file

100% crop from JPEG file

Those are cropped from 100% sizes. I could clear noise on RAW…but at the same time, it has lost some small detail compare to JPEG. Well….this is depends on what you want.. ..But I can say at least, it is better to take RAW and JPEG together if you could. For that, you will need bigger memory card and camera can get a bit slower. But it is good idea to have JPEG as sample. Without any sample, it is not that easy to adjust RAW file correctly.

For my Panasonic GX1, 16GB card can hold about 600 images. Well….it takes 4 DVDs to back up it….


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