Street shots in Chicago

Michigan Avenue ChicagoThis is a morning view of Michigan Avenue. This area was already not very nice 20 years ago, but it is nicely cleaned now.

Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain is a Chicago landmark in the center of Grant Park by the waterfront.

You can see dramatic landscape of Downtown Chicago including Sears Tower behind.

Chinatown in ChicagoChinatown in Chicago is quite different from other city. First of all, it is quiet and see hardly any people here. Second, things are not cheap. If you go downtown, you won’t see many Asian people here in Chicago. That is making Chinatown out of fashioned here.

Street view in Chicago

As you see, there is few Asians in this picture. This is keeping old tradition in this city.

Chicago before sunsetIt has been taken right before I left Chicaro. It was right before the sun goes down. The day in Chicago is a bit shorter.

I had early dinner at “Billy goat Tavern” and took train to New York.


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