Night in Chicago

View from Sears TowerThis is view from the tallest building Sears tower. There is a huge lake Michigan behind sky scrapers.

View from Sears Tower Chicaro

This is north part of Chicago.

View from Sears Tower Chicaro 2

This is West side of Chicago from Sears Tower.

Apart from the Downtown area, Chicago is flat and wide…..wide straight roads are visible from Airplanes too.

North Part of Chicago at night

North part of Chicago is famous for  Chicago blues.  There are many live houses around.

African Americans moved to Chicago during the World War 2 and they brought strong impact in this area from the south.

North part of Chicago at night 2

Now, those musicians are not from the South and the more different origins brought different style of music……It has has changed a lot….but it is still different from other modern “American crap”.

Michigan Avenue Chicago at night

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