Suburb of Chicago….Griffith Indiana

Griffith Indiana 1

This is the view of Suburb town of Chicago, Griffith Indiana.

It is 1 hour drive from Chicago and close to “East Chicago”. This area is famous for Steel making industry and my father used to work as an engineer.

That was how I stayed here for a while in late 80s.

Griffith Indiana 2
This is where I used to stay… has been over 20 years….but there are not much difference. Leaves are turning yellow, chilly and clear air….it is my favorite season here.

Those 2 cars in the middle reminds me those old days.

Fruit stand in Griffith IndianaThis is a view at a fruit stand. Season for Halloween……I tried to buy some apples here….but I noticed I had very little cash with me at the counter.

I told lady not having money….then she asked me how much I had.  So, I took out some coins from my pocket….then she said that was OK!!

Fruit stand in Griffith Indiana2This is not a tourist spot. All the people are locals here. People stop to look at me…..that is how Griffith Indiana is. There is good old America in this town.

I was young at that time, so many things has changed…..but not here. I was happy to see that in this trip.

When we say East Chicago….not many people say good things…..but this place is always different and that was how my father was living here.

Halloween SeasonAlso it is only about 10 miles away from Gary Indiana which is famous as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States.


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