The world of ISO 12,800….by Panasonic GX1

Rainy evening in VancouverWhen did you first heard of ISO 12,800?

I first heard it came with Canon A-1 which arrived to the market in 1978.

It was amazingly high performance camera at that time…..But, at that time, highest film speed was only ISO( we called ASA back then)400 and we could gain to maybe 3200 max. But the image was grainy and It was not normal thing to do.

Later on,ISO1,600 films came out…..but that was it and still there was no chance to use ISO12,800 for film.

Last 5 years, digital cameras improved the image quality at high ISO speed dramatically.

5  years ago, I did not feel like using over ISO400….But today, ISO400 is nothing and every single camera does ISO12,800!!

Today, I had a mistake and I took a photo with ISO12,800 by my Panasonic GX1.

Rainy evening in Vancouver with ISO12800

Rainy evening in Vancouver with ISO12,800

This is the image with ISO12,800. First of all, Shutter speed was showing 4000 and still flashing red…..that was how I found out the problem.
The top image is normal ISO160(Lowest speed on this camera). First of all, the color is different.

Those are the crop from full-size image.

ISO 12,800 with JPEG

ISO 12,800 with JPEG

This is the untouched JPEG image cropped out from the original image.

Well… is noisy……Noise reduction was strongest.

ISO 12,800 with RAW

ISO 12,800 with RAW

It is noisy…..but much better……

ISO 160 with JPEG

ISO 160 with JPEG

This is ISO160 with JPEG… is nice if I think the condition.

Actually, I was not expecting anything to ISO12,800…..but maybe it is OK……Also this test shows big difference between JPEG and RAW.

As you see the result,  it is better to shoot JPEG + RAW  when you use Panasonic GX1….or any camera.


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