Billy Goat Tavern……Curse of the Billy Goat

Billy GoT Tavern.....Curse of the Billy Goat“Billy Goat Tavern” is old fashioned tavern in Chicago founded in 1937.

Main menu is “Cheese Burger” and Cash Only……..

Why is that kind of shop still loved by local people?

There is a famous story “Curse of the Billy Goat”

In 1945, a World series  between Chicago Cubs & Detroit Tigers was held at Wrigley Field which was home ground of Chicago Cubs.

The owner of the “BiIly Goat Tavern” , William Sianis was watching the game, but he was told to leave the game because of the Goat he had with him.

He had 2 tickets and could pass the gate….that was how he was always doing but in that day, other customers were not happy and complained about it.

Billy was outraged and declared,

“Them Cubs, they aren’t gonna win no more,”

2 wins & 1 loss at that time….. , Suddenly Cubs lost 3 games in that season. Since then,  Chicago Cubs never won the world series until now.

That is what we call “Curse of the Billy Goat”.


It is the end of Baseball season….and also Halloween……good time to talk about it.

Baseball, Wrigley field and Billy Goat Tavern…..It is a part of good old culture of Chicago.



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