Digital SLR in 2006…..Minolta stopped making camera!!

After I started using my first digital camera, CONTAX Tvs Digital, I found it was quite good and started thinking about Digital SLR too.

It was early 2006, I started looking around in Japan and what I liked was….Olympus & Konica-Minolta.

konica Minolta α7 Digital

konica Minolta α7 Digital

That was the time, Nikon was not doing well and there was a romor that Nikon was going to change lens mount.

But, soon Minolta announced about Withdrawal from camera. Actually, it was a kind of predictable to me because in 2005, Minolta closed down in Canada!! I was feeling that was beginning of the end…..

I was wondering if I should buy Minolta α7 Digital… least it was a nice camera and was cheap to due to the announcement.

Soon after, there was a news said SONY was buying Minolta camera division and start making SLR with Minolta α mount.

Also SONY said they were selling Carl Zeiss lens as well!!  Waht’s an exciting  news!
So, I decided to wait for it.

Sony α100

Soon after that, Panasonic announced that they were starting Digital SLR with Four-thirds system.

At least I had good feeling on Olympus four-thirds system at that time. And what I guessed was….Leica Lens.

Panasonic had been using Leica lens for Point&Shot cameras at that time and that was what I was expecting to upcoming Digital SLR.

Then, Panasonic L1 was released with Leica Lens.

Panasonic L1

Panasonic L1 with Leica lens

After I bought CONTAX Tvs Digital, I quite like the Carl Zeiss lens. So, I was looking forword to see Leica vs Zeiss in Digital by Panasonic & SONY.

But, SONY’s first SLR α100 was a entry level camera and took long time to bring 2nd model. Also Carl Zeiss lens took long time to arrive to the market.
That was how, I decided to buy Panasonic L1. But at that time, I had a good pocket cash….so….it made me buy twin brother of L1,  Leica Digilux 3 which was costing double.

At least it did good job for 5 years.

Now, Panasonic is in a major group on Mirrorless Camera and now, I am using Panasonic as well.

Actually, Minolta engineers moved to SONY and Panasonic….but later on, many people left SONY due to the sloppy management and moved to Panasonic.

I always liked Minolta and I ended up with Panasonic camera by Minolta engineers now.



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