New Lens…Panasonic 45-150mm F4-5.6

Panasonic GX1+45-150mm F4-5.6

Panasonic GX1+45-150mm F4-5.6

I bought a new Telephoto zoom Panasonic 45-150mm F4-5.6

It just came out last month in Japan and just started selling in the United States recently.
Usually, I never buy anything which are very new in market…..but it was one of very reasonable lens to me….so I had to buy.

The size itself is slightly longer than Panasonic 14-42mm Standard zoom lens.

But this is teplephoto zoom which reach to 300mm equivalent.
When you hold it, it looks like standard zoom, but the angle of view is quite narrow… is a bit funny thing.

45mm by Panasonic 45-150mm

45mm by Panasonic 45-150mm

100mm  by Panasonic 45-150mm

100mm by Panasonic 45-150mm

150mm  by Panasonic 45-150mm

150mm by Panasonic 45-150mm

Crop from 150mm

Crop from 150mm F5.6

Well….not too bad at all for the price. The ship is more than 3km away from me. If you think that, the image quality is good.

The body is made by aluminume, so it does not feel cheap and the focus ring and zoom rings are quite smooth.

The best thing is….you can keep it in your pocket. This means I won’t have to open bag to bring out lens while I am shooting.

This compact body will change things quite easy.  Panasonic GX1+ PZ14-45 + 45-150….the total weight is still less than 1Kg….you can carry everywhere.

40years ago,  when Olympus M-1(later called OM1) came out, the chief engineer

Mr. Maitani said

“Even if you have the best camera in this world,
you won’t be able to  take photos if you don’t have with you”.

It is really true and that is how, I want something as small as possible.



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