Downtown Chicago

Downtown Chicago from Grant Park

This is a view of Downtown Chicago from Grant Park. As you see each of them are quite caractristicly designed.

Downtown Chicago from Lake MIchigan

This is a view from Lake Michigan. John Hancock Center is the 2nd tallest in Chicago.

Beach of Lake Michigan...Chicago

Beach by the lake Michigan is like any other beach. Only difference is…..there is no sea shell.

The tap water in Chicago tastes a bit different. When I drank some from Lake Michigan, It was the same taste.

Commuter trains in Chicago

The arban population is not very big in Chicago. Lots of people are commuting with trains. It is a view of rush hour.

Sears TowerSears Tower (Now called Willis Tower) is the symbol of Chicago.
It had been the tallest building from 1973 to 1998 and now, it is still the tallest in the United States.

As the name says, It used to be a head office of Department Chain “Sears”. But it was sold in 1994…but they still kept the name until 2009 and now called “Willis Tower”.

Chicago was the first American city I visited in 1980s…..even for me, I don’t feel like calling it Willis Tower…’s a joke….!

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