Chicago 2……Around Chicago River

Chicao river

Chicago is called “”Windy city”. As the nickname says, they have constant wind in Chicago. In this time of the year, this is making the chilly but comfortable weather when it is sunny.

This is the view of Chicago River which is crossing in the middle of Downtown and now connected to Mississippi river at the end.

The towers look like corn are Marina City which  1964. Those were built as residential building to prevent city residence moving away from Downtown Chicago.

The lower floors are for parking lots. It was a new idea at that time.

North of Chicago River

This is North of Chicago river. John Hancock Center is the land mark of this area.

MIchigan Ave. Chicago

This is the view when you see the opposite side of the Chicago River.
There are many modern skyscrapers in Chicago….but this shows the history of construction is quite old in this city.

At Tribune Tower in Chicago

This is the bottom of Tribune tower which is the head office of the local Newspaper “Chicago Tribune”. It was founded in 1847…before the Gold rush in California…..

This is the view around Chicago River in a sunny autumn day.

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