American Taxi…..View of American city

Yellow Cab_Ford Crown Victoria

Yellow Cab Ford Crown Victoria……This is done by Photoshop on top of the other photo below.

When you go  to American cities, you will always see Yellow Cabs everywhere.

It is a part of American culture and also a part of American Landscape.

They have been using American Full size sedan for many years and lately it was monopoly of Ford Crow Victoria.

American cars are different from rest of the world. They are bigger and feel like cruise almost like land yacht.

For most of tourist, they will be the first American car to experience.

But, Ford Crown Victoria is already withdrawn and now, Toyota is now slowly taking over the position.

Yellow Cab_Ford Crown Victoria

Yellow Cab…..Toyota  Prius

If you compare those 2 photos……the first one with Ford looks way better than the one with Toyota.

Today, it is getting harder to take Street photos in the United States. This is because of Imports especially Japanese cars. Like this example, The same street photo looks way better or more America like….with the Ford Crown Victoria.

Yellow Cab will slowly get rid of old American and shift to Japanese…..that is destroying culture and landscape of America too.


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