View of San Francisco….Market street.

View of San Francisco

San Francisco is a beautiful tourist city… is true……But right after you go west of Powell street, there is different face.

View of Market streetIt reminds me a bit like Downtown Los Angeles……..

View of Market street 2

Untouched old buildings and small shops….there are no more tourists around this area.

View of Market street 3Behind those old buildings, there is a huge new building behind.

View of Market street San francisco 4

If you see this kind of sign….it is not a nice area……

View of Market street_San Francisco 5

Although it is looking rough, some developments are going on. In a few years, I would be a bit different again…….

City hall_San francisco

City hall is located behind Market Street too……

Turk Street_San FranciscoWhen I visit some cities, I just don’t like going only touristy area. It is usually beautiful….but at the same time, you are not seeing the reality of the life of the city. That is how, I also go to a bit or roughest area too.

For this, compact Panasonic GX1 was extremely handy.

GX1 +PZ14-42mm is small enough to put in my jacket pocket.


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