16th Street promenade Denver

16th Street promenade Denver

Denver is located at the east-end of Rocky mountains. It also called “The mile-high city” due to the altitude where Denver located.

16th Street is the main street of Denver.

View of 16th Street

View of 16th Street

This is a city of the west….. on the well developed modern street, still we can feel legacy of the West.

View of Downtown Denver

View of Downtown Denver

On the sides, old buildings are quite well kept. High altitude is coursing strong contrast.

Halloween in Denver

Halloween in Denver

It is the season of Halloween…..lots of pretty displays around the town.

Halloween season in Denver

Halloween season in Denver

This is one of my favorite season in North America…….

View of 16th Street 2...Denver

View of 16th Street 2…Denver

There are lots of beautifui buildings in Denver.

The clock tower is Daniels & Fisher tower  which was build in 1910 as a part of Department store. After the department building was demolished, the tower was kept and restored as business building.

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