Brand new PC…..Toshiba P870-02L

Toshiba P870-02LAfter buying brand new Camera, I decided to buy a new PC as well.

Toshiba P870-02L……It comes with 3rd generation Intel i7 processor, 1TB HDD, 8GBRAM(Max 16G) ,  NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M Graphics Chip set and high quality harman/kardon speakers…..such a high performance machine…..

Actually, I did not have any problem with my 6 year-old PC at all……believe it or not……..

But, I just wanted to buy before Windows 8 comes out.

As you know, Windows 7 is a kind of minor change of poorly rated Vista.
Thia meant at least Windows 7 was stable enough.

As you see the history, Windows always had major issue when brand new version came out.

As we know, Windows 8 which is arriving the end of this month is going to be Full model change and they are completely changing its User Interface as well.

Personally, I did not want to spend that much money for something unknown.

That was the reason I bought PC at this timing.

Well…..this is amazingly fast computer……but there are something I have to say as well.

First of all, why did I have to buy huge 17.3 inch?

Because my previous machine is 15.4 inch and now, we only can buy 15.6 inch wide-screen.

Today, TVs are wide screen… as PCs…..what is happening?

As you know, I do photography…, this means wide-screen is not good to display portrait shots at all.

15.6 inch is shorter on height compare to my ex-machine and that was why, I had to go to huge 17.3 inch.

Why touch pad is off-centered to left?

It is not only this machine. All the windows machine is the same. Especially I am right-handed. So, using touch pad which is off-centered to left and left click is not as easy as one mounted on the center.

I just don’t know why they do like that…..maybe the designer was left-handed…..????

And all the manufactures are sharing motherboard?

At least they will have to do something about it.

Mac like touch pad is not as good as ordinary one.

touch pad

This is done by Adobe Photoshop.
It will be better to be like this. This way, you can feel where to click

I just did some set-up and became slightly better…..but I still think ordinary button one is better. At least they should have changed surface where we click.

There are some negative points…..but overall performance is quite good and hopefully it will work another 6 years or so…..


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