Panorama by Adobe Photoshop….View of San Francisco

Panorama San Francisco from Pier 39
This is Panorama of San Francisco from Pier 39.

During film era, shooting panorama was not easy job. To get proper image, they needed special camera which had swayable lens to capture wide-angle.

In 90s, lots of point& shoot camera had panorama…..but it was just cropping top and bottom of 35mm shot. It was not panorama at all.

But with digital cameras, we can create panorama with Adobe Photoshop very easy.

To do this, it is very important to shoot the images to marge.

First of all, it is better to use tripod to keep the horizon line even.
Then, it is also important to keep “overlap” between next images.

Image 1Image2


As you see, I got plenty of overlap between images.

Also you should not zoom while shooting all the images.

Then, go to Adobe Bridge.

Choose Images you’d like to merge, then go to Tools – Photoshop – Photomerge.

That will automatically create panorama and then, you will need final adjustment.

When the merger ends, all the layer is selected. So, what you should do is…….

Press “Shift + ALT + CTRL + E”…….that will keep the original layers and create layer which is merged all the layers together……This layer is easier to do retouch.

This panorama is really depending on the quality of original images. So, if you have a nice landscape in front of you, please remember what I told here.

Panasonic Lumix GX1 14-42mm


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