Panasonic LUMIX GX1

Panasonic Lumix Gx1

I bought a Panasonic GX1 as I mentioned before.

Although I received it a little while ago, I could not use because they could not ship the battery from Japan. So, I purchased battery locally and finally started using it.

First of all….it is amazingly compact. With the set with 14-42mm Lens, still I could carry in my pocket of my jacket.

I had a trip to the United States last week and was the first test shot for me. Within the 5 days, I shoot about 2000.

So now, it is time to report.

Sample by Panasonic Lumix Gx1


  1. Compact….but it does not feel cheap. There is moderate feel of a material.
  2. Fast & accurate Auto Focus. It is enough for moving objects too.
  3. Power zoom is quick and easy to use.
  4. Image Stabilizer works way better than my previous Leica Digilux 3.
  5. Quality of images reminds me Leica images….well….they learned a lot from Leica when they started still cameras.
  6. Integrated Flash can handle bounce lighting.
  7. has better user interface compare to other competitor like SONY or OLYMPUS.
  8. It is handy to be able to move focus frame on touch screen.
  9. Touch AF/ Release is new style and will be a standard soon.


  1. Program AE is not my cap of tea. The aperture goes too small. Due to the small sensor of micro 4/3, I don’t want to use more than F8….so, I have to shift to aperture priority very often.
  2. Quality of High ISO range is not as good as what I was expecting. It looks like oil painting or something even at ISO400 due to the noise reduction. Now, I set up the noise reduction to the weakest.
  3. Buffer capacity is quite poor. When I shoot with Ray & JPEG, Sometimes it freeze up after a few shots.
  4. When I try to review the image, It takes 3 sec. or so to display the captured image although I am using 32G, class10 card.
  5. Zoom switch & Focus switch are looking similar and easy to mix up. They should make both different shape.
  6. Stroke of Zoom switch is too little. Although it has variable speed control which is depending on the position of switch knob, it is hard to use.
  7. Minimum ISO160 is a bit too high. I want ISO50 or it is also good idea to have something like “Electronic ND filter” or something.
  8. Since I bought it from Japan, I can’t change the language……
  9. 37mm filter for this lens is abnormal size. So, I used step-up ring 37-52mm to use 52mm filter which is common to share with other lens.
  10. Battery can handle about 250 shots. If you are heavy user, you will definitely need spare battery.

Although there are quite a few negatives, I am still amazed with the technology advancement during the past 5 years.

It can take photos a bit like LEICA Digilux 3 with better quality and much easier operation with smaller body…..that is how this camera is…..


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