Bought a new Camera…. Panasonic GX1

Panasonic Gx1I bought a new Camera!

It has been 5 years since I bought Leica Digilux 3 in 2007.
Since then, technology has changed quite a lot.

“Mirrorless” is a new category first appeared in 2008 with Panasonic G1.

Personally, I have never been big fan of SLRs believe or not….they are big and bulky…..
I always liked something compact system….but Range finders were not my answer because they are very hard to use with telephoto lens.

So, this brand new compact system “micro four-thirds”seems to be quite reasonable to me.

Actually, I was thinking of buying Panasonic GF1 couple years ago…..but did not happen because the optional “Electronic view finder ” was quite poor.

So, I decided to wait for the next model…..but the GF2 was just a bit smaller and nothing new and GF3 was even smaller and more for beginner user.

Tell the truth Panasonic was always bad about model change. Although they made good camera, they never had next model.

But, GF1 spirits came back with big improvement and now called GX1.

I choose the Silver body as the photo shows. It looks like titanium color or something. At least it looks better than any photos. I hadn’t seen the real until I got this one.

The lens is “Power Zoom 14-42mm”  This lens takes 37mm filter….that is odd size and I did not feel like buying it.

So, what I did was….use step-up ring 37mm – 52mm to share 52mm filter with some other lens. That is why you can see a big filter on the photo.

I checked around Canada and United States….and I found it was much cheaper in Japan.
In Japan, Panasonic camera drop the price quite a lot and now, the price is about the bottom.

It came out last November, this means new model won’t be too far away.
But, I could purchase it for less than 50,000 yen which is including 5 year full covered warranty too. I am quite happy about the price compare to spending $899 plus 12% tax at local shop.

But….only problem is….they could not ship “battery”……I had to order it here locally….but it is taking longer than shipping camera from Japan !

When I checked around cameras, I also tested SONY NEXs too….but I had better feeling with Panasonic.

I heard many top engineer from Minolta are now working for Panasonic and the”better feeling” is similar to what I felt to Minolta cameras before.

Well…..I still can’t use due to the battery problem…, please wait a little more for the next report!


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