Photography _ 100mm…My favorite lens and memory of a Photographer

photo by 100mm equvalent lens

To take dynamic view,instead of using wide angle lens,crop out a part of view by telephoto lens….

My favorite lens has been 100mm for many years.

Today, I use zoom lens most of times….but I am still using around 100mm  area. Because when I first got 100mm single lens, it was a big surprising to me.

It was 15 years ago, right before I came to Canada, I had a chance to talk to a famous photographer in Japan.

What I asked him was…I was thinking about buying a telephoto lens at that time and what kind was the best choice for me.

At first, he asked me what lens I had with me at that stage and told him

20-35mmF3.5, 35-70mmF4, 50mmF1.4 and100-300mmF4……

Then, what he told me was, I did not have any compact telephoto lens.

Also especially in high latitude area like Canada, It was good idea to have something like 100mm with big F number.

So, what he recommended me was “Canon FD100mm F2”.

He was right…..I was worried about using fixed telephoto lens at first, but I found the view through the 100mm was something I wanted.

Before, my only telephoto lens was 100-300mmF4… was huge and heavy… was OK lens….but it was too big and heavy to use for street shooting.

So, It was my first experience to use telephoto lens for street shooting….believe it or not…..

He also told me to “crop out part of view by longer lens” instead of using wide angle lens to take whole view

Since I bought the 100mm, my photography changed dramatically.

I was really lucky to have chance to talk to the photographer. He was writing lots of articles in photography magazines those days and had quite depth knowledge about products.

But later years, I heard that he criticized about early digital SLRs because none of them apart from OLYMPUS had “Anti dust system” and was a big problem at that time.

Dust problem is something that everybody knows….but none of manufacture wants to talk to a lot……

Then he ended up with a conflict between Canon which has “biggest power against magazines“. That was how he was terminated from photography industry and that was the time, Japanese photography medias died……

Now Canon is a big monster which control all the media and nobody can say anything.

He passed away last year after years of struggle…..but it was sad because photography medias did not say much about him although once he had a big influence.

I did not have chance to say Thank you to him….but I am still using 100mm as he told me….

Last 30 years, it was the best advice for photography to me.


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