Sony RX1

SONY introduced brand new 35mm full-size point & shoot camera  RX1.

A few years ago, when “Micro Four-thirds” came out, I commented that it was very good idea to remove mirror box to make the system compact.

At the same time, I said that it would be good idea to have 35mm full size mirrorless or Point & shoot camera.

I always think…or everybody think that full-size cameras are too big and expensive.
If they remove the mirror box….that will be reasonable size……

Also without mirrorbox……they can design good wide angle lens……

That was how I thought it was good to have 35mm mirrorles or point & shoot.

I was looking forward a camera like Plaubel Makina which was sold in 1980s. It was 6×7 range finder camera and the retractable lens made it extremely compact.

Plaubel Makina

Plaubel Makina…it was a compact 6×7 medium format camera.

Those days, all the other  6×7 camera was huge, heavy and expensive SLR such as Mamiya RB67 or Pentax 67.

This RX1 reminds me the Plaubel Makina.
It comes with 35mm Carl Zeiss lens is looking reasonably compact too.

I am glad to hear that camera I was thinking a few years ago is really coming go the market!!


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