Photography _ Wide angle lens

Today, almost everybody buys camera with zoom lens.

SLRs are much more reasonably  priced with zoom lens and point & shoot comes with built in zoom lens.

This means almost everybody has easy access to wide angle lens.

How to use wide angle lens

Yes, it can take wide-angle….well….it is handy……That is how lots of people are taking boring photos with wide angle lens.

First of all wide-angle can take wide area. But at the same time,  all the object goes further away from you .

That is how photos looks boring and it is the most difficult part of wide-angle lens.

So, what we need to have is…..another object at closer distance.

Wide-angle lens always exaggerate the perspective…..this means further object goes further away and close object comes closer to you.

That is the most important part.  Contrast between closer object and further object…..that create more dynamic perspective and that is how we should use wide-angle lens.

This photo looks very boring without the seagull in front.

Well….tell the truth…..the seagull was not there when I took photo and then, I added by Adobe Photoshop later.

At least it looks way better and I know how boring without the bird.

People think wide-angle lens are easy to use….but actually, it is much harder to use if you want to take good photos. That is how I don’t use very often.

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