Adobe Photoshop _ Evening at Wreck Beach

Evening view at Wreck Beach by Adobe Photoshop

Summer is nearly ending…..and we have more cloud in the sky.

Thanks for the clouds….we had an amazing evening sky yesterday.

But…..only beautiful sky does not create the best photography.

So….all you need is….of course, Adobe Photoshop!

Evening in Wreck beach original

This is the original Photo….well….I wanted to delete the man in the middle!!

So, what I did was….set another photo of sun which was taken today on top of the guy, then used layer mask to mach up to the original photo.

At first, I tried to use Patch tool or Healing brush…but it did not work that well.

After that, I merged another photo of a ship which was taken a bit earlier.
Then, Adjust level by Adjustment layer.

That is how, the beautiful evening…but boring photo became amazingly nice!

Also my CONTAX Tvs Digital which was designed 10 years ago created extremely beautiful color. That is the color of Carl Zeiss!


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