Waipu, New Zealand _ View of township

Waipu is a very small town 1.5 hours away from Auckland.

Waipu river _ New ZealandWaipu river is running near the township.

Waipu river _ New Zealand 2There is a boat lamp and little shop here….but It is always closed.

farm land in WaipuMain industry is….of course farming like all other small town in New Zealand.

Main street of WaipuThis is the main street of Waipu. 1 grocery store, 1 hardware store, 1 post office, 1 petrol station….and the nearest city Whangarey is 41km away from here.

Scotish culture in WaipuThis small town has Scottish heritage.

Main street of Waipu 2Again….main street of Waipu. Even in this small town, there is a Chinese “take away” shop(LH of the photo).

Rugby goal postsThis is the typical view of New Zealand. Rugby goal posts are all over the country.” Lion Red” is the No.1 local beer brand.

Rugby game in WaipuRugby is the National sport in New Zealand. During the winter, rugby is the biggest entertainment there.

This is the game between Waipu and next town. Everybody in town seems to be the rugby club building which is also a bar.

Scottish bandThis is the typical Scottish entertainment. Look at the member….old people and very young people, nothing between. This is typical in rural area of New Zealand.

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