Canon New F-1….best camera….but not for me…..

Canon_new F-1 AECanon F-1 first came out in 1971 as a professional SLR.

Their goal was breaking into the professional market which was dominated by Nikon F in 1960’s.

Brand new FD lens system was known for the good color balance, high quality zoom lenses and high quality series (later called L lens). That was how professionals who use “color films” started shifting to Canon.

10 years later, New F-1 arrived as 80’s version. Biggest change was adapting AE system. This was also my first Canon SLR.

This was an amazing machine….that is how people say…..but honestly, I did not like it at all!!
The reason I choose this camera in 1984 was….it was the only Canon camera which had metered manual exposure.

But, right after I got this camera, I lost interest in photography somehow.
I did not know the reason at that time….but I noticed when I got original F-1 later.

  • Blight & clear…..but yellwish view finder was not my taste.
  • Rough feeling on everything

    Black paint is like rock and switches especially winding lever and release button were really harsh.

  •  Top heavy body made me feel heavier than what it is.
  •  Light meter… was not easy to use because the hand was constantly wobbling.
  • Parts fell of off  quite a few times. Winding lever and Release button fell off in my camera bag. ISO dial fell a part and moved all over while I was using.

I used 2 new F-1s…but those happened to both of them.

When I got Old F-1, I noticed that all the negatives of Old F-1 was improved on New F-1. But, at the same time, New F-1 did not have the good point of Old F-1.

To me, I did not need the useless AE mechanism which came with New F-1. So, I thought it was better for me to use Old F-1 which had better feeling on everything.

This camera told me although it was the best camera at that time, it did not mean to be good to anyone.

I have better photos with Old F-1 because I just liked using it and felt like taking it out all the time. At least none of parts fell of from Old F-1.

<Today’s Lesson>  Feeling of Camera is extremely important.


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