Zoom lens and Photography skill

Canada day in Granville island 2012

This is taken by 100mm range of zoom lens

Today, when people buy a camera, almost everyone buy with zoom lens.

When I started photography 30 years ago, the situation was different. There was no Auto focus and so as zoom lens. Zoom lens were still expensive and everyone used to buy with 50mm standard lens.

Then we had to take everything with 50mm lens. When we wanted to take something big, we had to get as close as possible. When we wanted to take wide area, again we had to go further away from objects.

That was how we learned how to use one single lens. Then, when we got other lens, we could feel how different they are compere to 50mm.

Changing focal range is not only adjusting the size of objects. It is also changing the perspective and depth of field too.

But today, people start photography with zoom lens don’t have chance to get used to certain focal range. People are using zoom lens just as “Size adjustment tool”

That is ashamed….with the different focal range, we get different perspective and depth of field, This means although you take the same objects, the background could be totally different.

Actually, that is very important part of photography. But less and less people know about this today.

Canada day in Granville island 2012_2

This is using 50mm range of zoom lens

The first photo is using 100mm(35mm equivalent) and the second one is using 50mm and taking from a little bit lower angle.

Although the main targets are about the same size, they ended up with totally different background.

This is very difficult point of photography and also interesting point too.

I used to use 28mm, 50mm and 100mm fixed lenses for many years. So, I am still using those focal range a lot without thinking on zoom lens.

Leica Digilux 3 14-50mmF2.8-3.5


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