English bay_Vancouver_Normal adjustment vs HDR image

English bay_Vancouver

This is the view of English bay on West end of Vancouver.

In this kind of back light, normal camera can’t get right exposure.

  • If you adjust to background, other area would be all under the shadow.
  • If you adjust to closer area, background will be wiped off.

But, Thanks for Adobe Photoshop…..All you have to do is….use combination of Adjustment layer and Layer mask.

  • adjust the level at background, then mask out the other area.
  • adjust the level at foreground, then mask out the background.

All I had to do was, use 2 level adjustment layers and layer mask for each adjustment layer.

But these day, this is a kind of out of fashion….People prefer to be HDR image these days.

HDR image means High Dynamic Range image. This HDR got extremely wide dynamic range and almost all the part of image got right exposure.

To create HDR, prepare 3 images which are under exposed, average and over exposed.

Then, go to Adobe bridge….select those 3 images and

go to Tools – Photoshop – Merge to HDR pro…  This will create automatically and after merger, you can do adjustment as well.


This is the HDR I created.

These days, people like extremely crispy sharp image with high dynamic range and high saturation.

So, maybe more people will say this is better…..but I still prefer to be the first one.
The HDR kills taste of Leica lens and just looks fake although I tried not to be….

These days, digital cameras has extremely high definition sensor and lens.

Some way, they are way better than films…..at the same time, preference of people is getting more simple CG look image….that is ashamed……

Old days, CG designers were trying to be like Photography….and now, Photography is trying to be like CG…..That is ridiculous…..




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