Digital vs Film…..View of San Francisco bay

By flim……Canon F-1 New FD 50-135mm F3.5

By Digital……CONTAX Tvs Digital…….

I first started using Digital camera in 2005.

When I started using my first digital camera “CONTAX Tvs Digital“, I was surprised by the color. It looked totally different from the Canon F-1 I had been using for many years.

When I traveled United States in 2005, I used both film and digital. It was also last to use both Canon F-1 and CONTAX Tvs Digital at the same time.

So… they look like from today’s point of view…..?

I have 2 photos taken at exactly the same time.

Well……in this case… is looking clear and vivid color.

Digital is a bit dull…….but strong and heavy color.

At least, they are quite different color.

In 2005, I thought CONTAX was much better color…..thanks for Carl Zeiss lenns……but now, I can say Canon is also very good color too.

When I compare to CONTAX Tvs Digital and Tvs2……I thought Tvs2 film camera had more “Information” on it.

But in this case…..Actually CONTAX Tvs got quite reasonable information although it is 10-year-old 5MP camera.

As a result, I would say, film camera “Canon F-1” was quite good…….but at the same time, CONTAX Tvs Digital was good too.

At least it does not look like cheap digital image.

That’s how I stopped using firm after the trip and 2 Tvs Digital are still around me.


2 thoughts on “Digital vs Film…..View of San Francisco bay

  1. great post, i love the comparison. film certainly has a unique look. hard to ever say which is better. they work great in some situations.. but in cases like this, its hard to even pick one picture out of two. i kinda like the more dramatic tones of the digital result, in this case, i guess i have to admit 🙂 even though im a true film fan

  2. Thank you.As you say, it is very hard to say which is better…If I use CONTAX Tvs2, again it will be very different too. When I took those photos, I thought Digital was better. But now, I can say film is good too.

    In this case, digital is more dramatic…that is true…

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