Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator project…..Magazine Cover

When I was taking Digital media course, we had an assignment to make “Magazine cover”. The condition was….use both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as needed.

We could make any kind of magazine….so, I made LFI, which is magazine for LEICA camera user.

LFI logo is created by Illustrator then, gave drop shadow by photohop later.
Red LEICA logo is made by Illustrator and gave some effects by photoshop later on.

All the cameras were channel masked to remove from original background.

There are 2 old cameras behind the girl…..that was done by phohotshop.

Then, the comment from instructor was…….”It is better to use more color….!!!”

Right away, I recognized the instructor ( I had never seen at that time) was young and don’t know anything about LEICA.

So, I sent an objection explained about LEICA cameras, target customer etc……Of course I would use more color if I design for Canon or Nikon cameras or Teen magazines…….

Then, they gave me 19/20.

Later on, I made a little bit arrange and it became a birthday card for this girl.

Of course, this photo is taken by LEICA Digilux 3.






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