Vancouver Downtown….by CONTAX Tvs2

CONTAX Tvs2…..It was an expensive camera……Believe it or not, this point &shoot was costing $1500!!

I stopped using firm cameras in the end of 2005.

The reason was…..I quite liked my first digital camera “CONTAX Tvs Digital“.  But, at the same time, because I liked the color of “Cirl Zeiss lens”, I always wanted some kind of CONTAX film camera as well.

That was how I bought Tvs2 couple years ago.

What kind of color is it……? It is just amazing…….maybe some people won’t like it……
















Even with same film, I never had that kind of color with 20 year history with Canon.

Today, if you talk about “Quality of image”, digital is already better than 35mm film. But this is something I can’t replace to anything.

Even digital with boostingsaturation and contrast won’t make something like this.

With with that kind of high contrast,  not loosing detail and does not look flat…..


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