Which manufacture to buy next?

My main camera is LEICA DIgilux 3…..this is a part of 4/3 system.

As you know, Olympus & Panasonic 4/3 group has already given up the system and shifting to Micro 4/3 these days.

This means when I need to buy something new, I will have to buy some other system.

When I think about my current LEICA, I just don’t like the lens system.

I use 50mm, 100mm and 135mm(35mm conversion) all the time.  In case of my system, what I have is 28~100mm and 80~300mm equivalent.

This means with my current lens, I have to exchange lens all the time. As reality, I exchange lens every single shot……This is really uncomfortable…..

When I was using film, my favorite lens was 50-135mm zoom. In this case, I really did not have to exchange lens at all….or maybe once a day…….

But these days, none of manufacture make that kind of “mid range zoom”. All they want about tele photo zoom is……300mm equivalent or even longer.

So, I was searching all the manufacture and what I found is….not Canon or Nikon…..It was SONY…..I knew they have been making Cirl Zeiss 16-80mm zoom which is equivalent to 24-120mm zoom.

Of course when I bought LEICA, I was also interested in this lens, but it was not still in the market and SONY only had entry-level α100……that was how, I tried LEICA at that time.

SONY started Digital SLR after they bought Camera dept. from Konica-Minolta. I always liked Minolta cameras….so, maybe for next, I will have to go for SONY…..

By the way, why they don’t make reasonable mid range zoom these days? Old days, After standard 50mm, we bought 28mm or 35mm and 100mm or 135mm lens. Of course, that kind of tradition is gone long time ago and nobody care about that kind of range anymore.

I guess current engineers are all Zoom lens generation. All they want is as wide as possible and as long as possible…..nothing in between.



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