Car Design Clinic…..Infiniti M….Japanese Aston Martin???

When I was skimming American car magazine “Road & Track” , I saw a very impressive design sketch on an Ad. of Infiniti ( luxury brand of Nissan).

I was surprised about Nissan having such a capable designer….Look at this….such a simple, strong and elegant line….!

At least, I am not impressed about Nissan design at all especially past 10 years. GT-R, Skyline etc……they even can’t design RWD large coupe which supposed to be easier.

Look at this line…….at least I can say it is way better than their proud GT-R.

But, when it come to product…..what we get is this……

Such a disappointing…..First of all, I don’t understand why they used this line for 4 door sedan? It is for 2 door coup line.

Original simple line has gone and too many curvy lines are fighting each other…….

To make it adjust to 4 door, they had to lift up the roof line and that completely destroyed the balance.

I always say “roof line to C pillar is the key point of car design”.

  • When they started thinking about space utility, they had to lift up the front windshield and that destroyed the harmony between the body to roof line.
  • Then, they just lifted up whole the roof line without much thinking.

For try, I merged the photo of Infiniti M and the Image sketch. It was surprising……the body line except for the roof completely much to the first rough sketch!!

Also matching with the body of Infiniti M and the roof line from sketch is perfect!!

It does look like Aston Martin or something…..!

This means the body design is not that bad…..just matching with the roof line is not good.
At least I can see Nissan still have designers……but maybe they don’ t have a good environment to do what they can do.

They should have used this image sketch for GT-R or Skyline 2 door coupe.

Simply, I don’t like Nissan’s design especially after Carlos Ghosn started to control Nissan.


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