When CONTAX G1 was first introduced in 1994, it was extremely exiting news to me.

Those were the days, more and more Japanese people started buying imported camera like LEICA.

After the economical boom up in late 80s, Japanese mentality changed a lot…..and also due to strong currency and price up of domestic manufactures,  imported cameras did not look as expensive as before.

I was always more interested in Carl Zeiss lens rather than LEICA….so, it was so exciting to have LEICA like camera with Cirl Zeiss….. at least until I went to check at shop.

Well, it did not look as attractive as what I thought and soon medias started talking about its poorly designed Auto focus.

2 years later, updated version G2 arrived to the market. Main point was the improved auto focus. At least they worked on the negatives we saw on G1…..but the price tag of over $2000 was completely different world to me.

Time has changed and market shifted to digital.
Now, even G2 is cheap enough in secondhand market. 2 years ago, I found a reasonably priced G2 in Tokyo. It came with 90mm lens and flash as well!

I decided to buy it and when I was talking to the sales guy…..problem happened….! Auto focus stopped working and shutter became temperamental….!!

So, they sent it to repair, and found out it was costing too much to repair.  That was how I missed  the chance to purchase CONTAX G2.

Well….maybe it was lucky to happen the problem right before I pay…..

Then, I bought CONTAX Tvs2 instead. But when I finished my first film, I found all the shot was blurry around Right bottom.

It was covered by warranty…..maybe I was lucky……..but at the same time, it is showing how unreliable CONTAX were.

I have 2 Tvs Digitals….but both of them went to repair many times as well.

It is ashamed because their lens are the best!!


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