Car Design Clinic…2010 Ford Mustang

This type of Mustang first came out in 2005. The biggest point was…..its Retro style…The design team just gave up their own style and tried to copy successful 64 original Mastang.

My honest opinion was….that was exactly same as what I thought about Camaro later on “Big fat ugly pig!”

As I said about Camaro, difficult point about Retro style is….how to go through model change.

Mustang went through minor change for 2010 model. How did they change?

At least they modified around ugly wheel arch and looks a bit more certificated style…..but still It looks “heavy” to me.

I don’t understand why modern Americans got such a High belt line. That make it look heavy and clumsy.

Also for any car design, positioning between wheel and wheel arch…..that is extremely important. It is also including wheel size.

I will say American people are very bad about that. This is exactly the same as Camaro.

There is too much space between wheel and wheel arch and it make the body look floating in the air….instead of looking stable.

On this image,

  • Belt line has been lowered down to make it slimmer.
  • Reduced gap between wheel & wheel arch.

And more…..what I don’t like this car is….the angle of front windshield.

American people simply think leaning windshield is cool……actually, that is badly spoiling the space utility as well. I just don’t like top end of windshield comes right in front of my forehead.

I am only 5.8ft tall and 146lb…..I am not big at all and just feel cramped  especially around forehead and side way. At the same time, head clearance is too much…..

On this one I lifted front windshield a bit….but it still does not affect much on design and will increase space utility.

Original Mustang was not only sporty, but also practical and fashionable….that was the reason it was that popular.

During the last 4 decades, what Ford did was….just ruining the reputation of the original.

They say they copied original Mustang…..but to me, it only look like unpopular 1974 Mustang2. Well….even 74 Mustang2 was the one which they tried to copy original and failed.


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