Car Design Clinic…..2010 Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro came back after 7 years of absence since last produced as 2002 model.

After the long blank, they gave up their own design and brought 60’s retro outfit like what Mustang did.

When I first look at the real one……”what’s an ugly pig!!”…….that was my honest opinion although they are quite popular in the market.

Let’s compare to the original 60s design…..

Believe it or not…..It does not look a like at all!

First of all, why did it have to be that big? Remember the previous 2002 model? It was low and wide……and believe it or not, current model is even wider than that !!! What’s for?
Of course it is taller as well.

Original model has a reasonable height of roof, reasonable size of side windows….but not new ones.

  • unneccesally tall body
  • Low roof
  • Small Glass area
  • Extremely high dashboard

I just can’t believe this thing is created in 21st century.

Look! how huge those wheels are……..what is the point of using 20 inches???? Remember….big wheels are always heavy and affect under spring weight which affect the performance.

Imagine how much those tires are going to cost!

To much up to the unnecessary huge wheels, they had to make the body taller and that is why Camaro looks huge and heavy. They did the same thing as Chrysler 300 did.

Also because of the huge wheels, the body looks popped up. Too much ground clearance makes car look unstable as well.

This is the one I modified by Adobe Photoshop.
First of all, I did not touch around wheels because If I change the wheel size, I will have to modify the shape of wheel arches and then, I will need to adjust whole body size as well.

So, what I did was……just sliced the body horizontally and made the body a bit lower. Also the suspension springs has been replaced to make it lower. That’s all and it does look much better than before.

Although the huge body, why is that interior that tight?Sporty cars are not supposed to be that roomy……but they could do something better than that.

Me 173cm, 65kg think that is cramped.

They are using “Zeta platform” which was originally developed by Australian “Holden”. It does not look as good as Holden commodore to me…..honestly……..

Retro style is always difficult.
All the cars need model change after certain period of time, but what are they going to be?
As long as they are dead copy of original, there is not much they can do. Maybe what they can do for Camaro next time is……what I did here, then it is the end again.

Turning into Retro design means giving up evolution and trying to find easy ques from past history.  It means designer is admitting they are not as good as past people.

Original Camaro was not only powerful hot rod……it was practical as well and that was the reason of the popularity.

You young designers!! Do your job!!


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