1983 Kyocera merged Yashica….

Kyocera was the company which used to produce Yashica & CONTAX cameras until 2005.

When we heard the news Kyocera was merging Yashica…..For Japanese, it was a quite surprising news.

First of all, nobody knew what Kyocera was…..

And then, we could not understand why they were purchasing camera company which was already not competitive and was in broke……

Cameras were not as profitable as before even then and that was the days any camera company was expanding business to something else.

Kyocera means Kyoto-Ceramics….today, anybody knows what fine ceramic is….but not those days.

At least Yashica & CONTAX survived until 2005 rather than disappearing in 1983…..

Did the merger meant something to Kyocera?

I would say “Yes”.

Yashica was not popular at that time and that was the reason going broke. But at the same time, they had quite good technology on electronics.

I think that was the main reason they purchased the camera company which was in broke.  Also having consumer product made them famous as well.

That’s how, I would say they were quite good business people.

Then, when they recognized that digital cameras were not profitable, their decision was quick……

Nowadays, price of digital cameras are cheap and model change cycle is too fast……As a CONTAX fan, it was sad to hear about withdrawing….but as a business people, I will have to say, they were right.

About the same time, Konica.Minolta stopped camera as well and they are doing quite well now.


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