Create Panorama Photo by Adobe Photoshop CS5

Los Angeles is a big city. Downtown LA is only a part of it and also have many different small towns. It is a bit like Tokyo.

So, it is not easy to shoot as 1 photo.

This is a Panorama photo of Los Angeles which I marged 4 different photos.







It is  quite easy to do by Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Boot up Adobe Bridge, choose photos you’d like to use, then go to ToolPhotoshopPhotomerge

This will automatically create Panorama for you. When you choose images which are not next each other like mine, press Ctrl(Command) + Click images you want.

When you shoot image for Panorama, there are something to check about.

  1. Better not to use wide angle lens……..the distortion will make harder to merge with other images. So, let’s use standard lens or about middle range of zoom lens.
  2. Better to be careful about the position of horizon. It will be easy to use tripods.

Actually, I used zoom lens and did not use tripod…..but it still worked quite well.

Panorama photos became popular in 90s with point &shoot film cameras. But, truth was….none of them was real panorama.

Like this, they just crop top&bottom part of the image, then blow up….that was it!

Now, Photoshop can create real panorama automatically. So, if you have a really wide view in front of you, think about merging together and shoot it!


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