Adobe Photoshop tutorial…..Creating “Glass”

Creating Glass is not easy. Actually, it is harder than Gold I introduced last time.

Do you know why? Because it need good reflection like the gold, and also need to be transparent.

But, don’t worry……I am telling you the easiest way to do it!!  Just forget about some other difficult tutorials.

  1. Create a new file 1200 × 1000px
  2. Fill the background by Black
  3. Type something…..I used font Century, size 338 by Light blue.
  4. Go to LayerLayer styleBevel & Emboss. Where I marked with red circle are extremely important to make reflection. You can play around if you like.It already look a bit like glass……
  5. Go back to Layer style and this time, give some “Inner Glow” to make it shinier.In this case, it is better to choose color which is lighter than your text.
  6. Give some Outer glow to make it look shiny. I choose the same color as Inner glow this time.
  7. It is getting close…..but It quite does not look Transparent…….to make it look Transparent, I dropped Fill to 25%. By the way, did you know the difference between Opacity and Fill? They look very similar…..but biggest difference is…..Fill effects only color and does not touch Effects we were doing.  Opacity changes everything including Effects. 
  8. To make it more real, let’s give Stroke around the edge. In this case, it is better to choose darker color.
  9. As you like, give some tweak at the background to make it look better. In my case, I gave Gradient overlay on the Background.

That is it…..I think this is the easiest tutorial you will see on internet.


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