Canon F-1 (mechanical)

Before I shifted to Digital cameras, my main camera was Canon F-1 for many years.

The reason I was using the museum piece until 2005 was……I already had old FD system since 1984 and did not feel like buying EOS system.

First of all, F-1 was a great camera. Although it was made in 1970s, still there was nothing wrong and could use Kodachrome without any problem.

Nice&clear view finder was easy to focus, easy to frame, spot meter was accurate and easy to use, and more, it just had a good feeling on everything.

That was how I missed a chance to shift to “plastic camera“.

Another reason was lenses…..the one on left is 20-35mmF3.5L. This lens was always amazing. It was known as “better than single lens”. And also when they shifted to EOS, the quality was not as good as this although they had bigger F number.

The lens on right is 50-135mmF3.5. That was not popular lens and had a hard time to get it. Always famous and same price range 80-200mmF4 was more popular…….but this 50-135 which was always my main lens with F-1.

Even now, I use 50mm, 100mm, 135mm range quite a lot. So, in case of this lens, it covers whole the range with reasonable F number……that was the reason I was using it all the time.

Now, with the digital, what I have is…….equivalent to 28-100mmF2.8-3.5 and 80-300mmF3.5-4.5…..In this case, I have to keep replacing lens!!

Actually, that happens to any manufacture. Now, nobody is making “50-135mm” type of lens.They think everyone wants 300mm telephoto lens.

  1. Expensive, huge, big F number lens.
  2. Cheap, big zoom ratio & small F number

That’s all we can buy now and nothing in between.

In the other word, nobody had reasonable lens for me…….that was the another reason I did not shift to Auto Focus system. I could do everything what AF camera did by itself.

But digital was different. At least there is lots of advantage compare to film. That is how I started using…..but I still don’t have “favorite lens” like 50-135 until now.


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